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A Bug on a Stick

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 396531/a-bug-on-a-stick

Published: Jan '18Sep '20

Review in No. 38089982
Really enjoyed this story. Its tagline / description field is outstanding. My advice is to pretend that the "prequel" and epilogue don't exist, and that the fic is tagged AU in which the cosmic sisters find Chrysalis and teach her to be good. All they contain is a cringeworthy failure at the impossible task of reconciling a good Chrysalis with S2, S6 and S9 canon.

If you do this then the story is almost perfect. I got what I wanted from it, and plenty more besides.
Review in No. 38262705
Seconding this one. It already deserves a recommendation for its excellent worldbuilding and great characterizations alone but, even more importantly, it's just an incredibly pleasant story to read. And yet you shouldn't let the tags fool you - this depiction of ancient Equestria can easily rival some of the best fantasy longfics out there. It strikes a perfect balance of cleverly expanding upon existing underutilized lore and adding its own where necessary. The pacing is good too, notably featuring a rare case of appropriately used timeskips.
If you decide to read it (you should!), do yourself a favor and skip both the prequel/sequel oneshot and the epilogue. They don't add anything to the story and only exist to tie it in with the show canon. But that's just one relatively easy to ignore blemish on an otherwise truly excellent story.